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Recieved today 12/01/2006

Anthony James receives Aachan and Master Teacher Certification in Traditional Thai Medical Massage and Thai Medicine December 12, 2006 at the Wiangklangkangwan Industrial College, Hua Hin Thailand


On December 1st. 2006, Anantasuk School of Traditional Thai Medicine, Hua Hin Thailand. Dr. Anthony James receives "Aacharn", Master Instructor recognition from the Wat Po Association for Traditional Thai Medicine, Anantasuk School for Traditional Thai Medicine and Wangklaikangwon Industrial Community & Educational College.

This college and it's programs are under the direct patronage of the King of Thailand. In attendance were the Director, Dr. Surasak Srinoi, Deputy Director Jaturin Wattanaprateep and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Technical Director for Distance Learning Television, Mr. Banpo Deekum. Also present were faculty and staff of the Anantasuk Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage School. The recognition meets recognition criteria of Thai Ministry of Education Department.

Dr. Anthony B. James was given the award in recognition of his work and contributions in the field of Traditional Thai Medicine and Thai Massage Therapy. His accomplishments include: publishing the first book on Thai Massage in the english language "Nuat Thai, Traditional Thai Medical Massage", Metta Journal Press, 1984. Becoming the first licensed Thai Massage practitioner in the United States (Dekalb County, GA 1984), The first recognized Thai Massage Instructor in the US, (AOBTA: 1990 Member #37).

He is recognized formally as a lineage holder and master teacher for several different Traditional Thai systems including Buddhai Sawan, Buntautuk, Tawee and now through the Wat Po Teachers Association as well. Friend of Thailand and the original founder of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy and former President of ITTA, the International Thai Therapists Association, (1992), now Chairman, Director of Education and International Programs for the Oklevueha Native American Church SomaVeda. Organizer and leader of "The Thailand Externship Training Program for non -thai practitioners" , 1986 to 2005, his contribution to Prime Minister Thaksins initially and then succesion of governments following, "Task Force For Traditional Medicine in Thailand" (1998 to 2006), Chief Thai Yoga and Thai Massage consultant Thai Consulate USA (1998 to present), Founder, Director and Chief Instructor of the professional, full time, residential training and certification program based on Indigenous, Traditional Thai medicine in the west: "SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine", "The Thai Yoga Center", Brooksville, FL USA".

At the time of the award Dr. James was working as a lead instructor, documenting all aspects of Traditional Thai Medicine and Thai Yoga Therapy in cooperation with Wangklaikangwon Industrial College, under patronage of HM King Bhumibol. The project entails creating bi-lingual (Thai / English) documentation of the principle sciences and techniques used in Traditional Thai Medicine.

The award itself was presented by the Wangklaikangwon Industrial College Dean and Educational and Director Dr. Surasak Srinoi.

This award notes the first such formal international recognition by the Royal Thai Gov't for Traditional Thai medicine and Thai Massage for a Non-Thai Master Instructor and practitioner.

Congratulations to Dr. James and all who contributed to this prestigious award.

For more information and pictures of this award ceremony go to: Award Photographs and Slide Show

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