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Name Location Primary Style Gender Photo
Anatoliy Pak (ST) Glenview, IL SomaVeda Thai Yoga Male
Maria Paluselli (ST) Evanston, IL SomaVeda Thai Yoga Female
Andrea Parker (ST) Newburgh , NY SomaVeda Thai Yoga Female
Frances Patterson (AFF) , Thai Massage Female
Natasa Pavlovic (ST) Belgrade, Northern Style Thai Massage Female
Ricardo Pena (ST) Berwyn, IL SomaVeda Thai Yoga Male
Gregory Petitti (NTP) Maple Shade, NJ Thai Yoga Male
Chock Petchprom (BTP) , Thai Massage Male
Laura Pfeiffer (ST) , SomaVeda Thai Yoga Female
Kimoanh Pham (ST) , SomaVeda Thai Yoga Female
Vereeya Phakeesuk (CTT) , Thai Massage Female
Debi Phillpotts (BTP) Philadelphia , PA SomaVeda Thai Yoga Female
Debra Phillpotts (BTP) , Thai Yoga Female
Kunkanit Phrombut (AFF) , Thai Yoga Female
Nicole Pinchott (ST) Chicago, IL SomaVeda Thai Yoga Female
Luz Pineda (ST) El Paso, TX Female
Mark Poling (AFF) , Male
Salvadore Porretta (ST) Chicago, IL SomaVeda Thai Yoga Male
Sara Noble (ST) , SomaVeda Thai Yoga Female
VAL POULOS (AFF) , Nuat Thai Female
Rachel Powell (ST) Albuquerque, NM SomaVeda Thai Yoga Female
Michelle Prescott (CTP) DeSoto, KS SomaVeda Thai Yoga Female
Sasivipa Pukkalanun (CTT) Los Angeles, CA Wat Po Style Female
Chonlathorn Pukkalanun-Yodvisitsak (NTP) Los Angeles, CA Wat Po Style Female

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Membership Levels   Advanced Membership Levels  
Student ST Certified Thai Facilitator CTF
Novice Thai Practitioner (31-66 hours) NTP Certified Thai Instructor CTI
Basic Thai Practitioner (67-172 hours) BTP Certified Thai Instructor Advanced CTIA
Certified Thai Practitioner (173-273 hours) CTP Certified Master Instructor CMI
Certified Advanced Thai Practitioner (274-500 hours) CATP Institution / School IS
Certified Thai Therapist (501+ hours) CTT
Certified Master Practitioner (10 years) CMP
Affiliate (non-practitioner) AFF

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