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What is Thai Yoga, Thai Massage and ONACS (formerlly ITTA)?

Originally the ITTA was formed in 1992 specifically to meet the needs and concerns of Students, Practitioners, Teachers and Schools of Traditional Thai Medical Yogic Therapy,Thai Yoga, Thai Massage and Thai Style therapeutic massage and body work. (See: "Thai Massage" is slang for systems of Thai Yoga therapies.) It was the first and largest, Private,international membership Association with the exclusive purpose promoting , educating and sharing the traditional Thai way of healing.

In August of 2012 The Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda Inc. (ONACS) assumed ITTA under it's umbrella. ONACS is a Forida, Not for Profit and IRS 501c(3) Compliant Religious/ Church Organization. ONACS has a spiritual mission to promote, educate and provide services based on Native American and Indigenous Traditional Healing traditions otherwise known as "Earth Based " Medicine traditions. Traditional Thai Ayurveda, Thai Yoga and Thai Massage are traditional medicines and healing practices adobted by ONACS. We are committed to keep intact, preserve the heritage and honor the legasy's of the traditional healing methods we practice. ONACS is now able to provide a legal basis for the practice of these arts as a recognized and registered religious organization. ONACS does not discriminate based on religion, race, culture, gender and or sexual orientation as we believe healing and access to traditional medicines and practices are human rights.

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We would be proud to have your support and to acknowledge you as a legitimate member of the ONACS community. Join us in celebrating and sharing this unique and valuable legacy of healing, preserved and passed on to us through the lineage of the Reishi Grand Master Shivagokomarpai. That means we are traditionally based and all of our programs are rigorus in their respect of the established traditions given to us by our teachers.

ONACS is the recognized leader in developing professional standards for the therapeutic practice of Traditional Thai Style Yoga Therapy.

The private membership association was founded by Aachan,Dr. Anthony B. James,DNM(P), ND MD(AM), DPHC(h.c.), Master Instructor and the first recognized authentic Thai Yoga and Thai Massage teacher and now Master in the United States and the Founder of SomaVeda™, Traditional Thai Yoga andIntegrated Traditional Healing systems.

We are the first international indigenous and Native American Church organization to embrace all traditional native healing and medicine traditions from Native peoples around the world including Thailand. Thailand is a country with a rich Native and Tribal Heritage. The tribal and indigenous healing heritage of Thailand is compatible with our Native American beliefs and practices and we acknowledge brotherly kinship with them. The ONACS SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and Thai Yoga Center approve degree programs for AA, BSc., Masters and DNM/ ND as well as more than fifty Certificate trainings a year invirtually every state of the US and represent members from eleven countries. We also host and sponsor immersion training in Thailand at our affiliate schools in Bangkok, Chiangrai, Koh Samuii and Chaing Mai, India with our affiliate school and clinic in Kerala and Los Tsachilas del las Santo Domingo Ecuador (Loma Linda Primary Care Center and Jade Center for Integrative Medicine; Ibarra, Ecuador).Our trainings in traditional medicine are formally recognized and generally considered among the best in the world. See Recognitions!

ONACS is committed to promoting ethical practices and legitimate standards of training; protecting the rights of practitioners; education and public awareness; and communicating the valuable and dynamic therapies we represent in the best possible way for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our nation and our world. Our work is described with many names: SomaVeda™, Nuad Boran, Nuat Phaen Boran Thai, Thai Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic Thai, Thai Traditional Massage, Royal Thai, Thai Bodywork, Thai Nuat, Thai Shiatsu, Thai Reiki, Buddhai Sawan no Usui Reiki, Thai Yoga Body work, Nerve Touch Massage, Anantasuk, etc. Whatever the name, we support the professional providers of education based on the traditional art form. We support the massage and massage therapy schools which are adding Thai Yoga Massage componants to their curriculums.

This work presents body solutions to common problems and challenges, which are essentially based on the melding of Ayurveda, Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. There are elements of all these and more. This is one of the great techniques of massage and perfectly suitable for massage therapists' training. The various yoga positions, postures, asana and attitudes create endless possiblities for addressing an individuals specific health needs. This is true alternative medicine, true natural health and healing, ancient healing that brings us light and life today. Thailand history tells us that the roots go back thousands of years to the early Buddhist period; when Buddhists monks and nuns with the assistance of famous Indian doctors refined what we today would call complementary, alternative medicine. Of course, throughout Asian history from India to Vietnam, it was not an alternative. it was simply good medicine. Medicine important for womens' and mens' health. There are traditional remedies for thousands of common conditions from lower back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, stomach pain and problems, headaches and muscle pain, for example. Obviously chronic pain management is not new! The whole gamut of myofascial and myofascial pain syndromes is explored with energy, integrity and compassion.

The actual healing touch of Thai Yoga and Massage, regardless of style, has qualities and science found in Yoga, acupuncture ( acupuncture points and meridians), reflexology (reflexology of the feet and the hands), acupressure and Shiatsu, meditation and prayer, science of Chakra or Chakras ( the energetic and spiritual vortices which transform and manifest the various consciousness within us), aroma therapy and use of plants and herbs such as herbal medicine, in therapy. As the Thai therapist facilitates the client through the various series of yoga poses and yoga postures they balance the chakras, facilitate the flow of Prana and Chi in the energy lines (the Sen or prana Nadi and meridians), they mobilize the tissue and release restriction while increasing range and ease of motion and mobility of the joints. Circulation is enhanced and toxins are removed . More than this, Thai Massage is considered a form of Spiritual Healing. The foundational concepts of "Promiiwihan Sii" or "Four Dive States of Mind" emphasize love, compassion, joy and equinimity as being most important for healing the whole person. Good science, good body work, good massage, good spirit and heart... how can we go wrong?

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If you are looking to experience this wonderul work first hand, this is the place to find a qualified practitioner. If your interested in becoming a qualified Thai Yoga Practitioner our 200 Hour CTP1 can assist you. Want to become a genuine Thai Yoga Teacher or Certified Instructor? Our 1008 hr TCP can make this happen! Looking for a professional Vocational or Seminary/ College Degree program specializing in Thai Yoga/ Thai Massage, Ayurveda, Native American Medicine and or Natural Medicine? SCNM currently offers recognized Associate in Arts, Bachelor in Science and Doctor of Natural Medicine Degrees with exactly these specialties! If you are already professional in another discipline such as Yoga Instructor, Swedish Massage Therapist, Shiatsu Practitioner, Chiropracter, Ayurvedic Physician, Pastoral Medical Doctor or Counselor or Naturopath, consider adding Thai Yoga/ Thai Massage as an adjunct to your established practice. Thai Yoga is now accepted as a core practice for our 2595hr. Holistic Health Practitioner programs qualifying for Naturopathic National Boards, ONACS, SMOCH ANMA and commissions, vocational and or Pastoral Medical Licensing.

ONACS does not currently offer Liability Insurance as ONACS members can practice safely and legally without it!

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