International Alliance of Health Care Educators Expresses Anti Oriental Modality Bias.

You may have seen their full page advertizements in the pages of Massage Magazine, other prestigious Body work and Therapeutic publications. Maybe you have even visited their web site. In their own words they describe themselves as " a coalition of healthcare instructors and curriculum developers united to advance innovative therapies through high-quality continuing-education programs.

Well, this support of quality educational programs apparently has no room for "Oriental"based programs such as Thai Massage. In response to a recent query in regard to possible networking and participation, we received this most disturbing response. For the sake of clarity I have printed the entire message from Mr. Michael Sutherland, Vice President of IAHCE. It appears that these educators find ours and similar programs of study unacceptable in their massage community because "We find ourselves uncomfortable with energy techniques" they prefer more "scientific" modalities such as "Swedish" massage!!

Apparantly Mr. Sutherland has not studied the history of Swedish Massage, otherwise he would have learned that it was almost entirely based on "Oriental" techniques according to its founder Per(Mr.) Henrick Ling.

Additionally , I find it hippocritical that , for example, on their website on their "Press Release Page they proudly proclaim how the International Energy Medicine Society Recognizes the work of Dr. John Upledger one of their members?

You be the judge. Read the following letter and let us know how you feel. Better yet call, mail or write IAHCE and tell them yourself.


Updated 08/13/99