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Oklevueha Native American Church, Inc. ONACS (formerly ITTA) , is duly established, State of Florida, Not for Profit, IRS 501c(3) Compliant Religious/ Church organization. ONACS offer membership,service and education. We want our members and the public using us as a resource to have confidence in our membership, our certification programs and our mission. We believe all creditable programs should be able to prove their legitimacy in the public domain. Although we are a Floida Based entity, we provide educational programs at various locations around the US and International as well.

ONACS Educational Programs may be recognized by private, ecclesiastic and or religious accrediting bodies as well as both Federal and State. Ecclesiastical organizations may offer professional certification, Commissions and Licenses with accreditation in naturopathy and other areas of natural health according to their Bylaws and organizing principles. As such, they are designed to meet the needs of traditional spiritual based education and are not affiliated with any government agency. ONACS/ SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®/ SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, and or The Thai Yoga Center programs are recognize are not accredited by any governmental and or federal regional accrediting agencies at this time. Our programs are Accredited by ONACS, SMOCH and Affiliated as an Extension Program with The Pan American School of Natural Medicine: Nevis West Indies. To the best of our knowledge our Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy and Holistic Healing Programs are the only accredited programs qualifying graduates for Commission, Vocational and or Medical Licensing (Pastoral/ Ministerial/ Clerical) in various categories in the US. However, there is no special licensing required for ONACS members to offer their services to other members!

Please note: Regarding CEU's for other association, other non-ecclesiastical (secular) National Boards such as NCBTMB etc. Every association and private CEU providing organization maintain their own distinctive requirements... however, it is fairly safe to say that any class offered for CEU's with specific state approval.. i.e. a state approved provider, vocational school, post secondary educational school with a provider number from that state will automatically be acceptable. If you have any specific questions or queries regarding this, please let us know. For more information on accreditation, certification and licensing click here...


Accreditation/ Approvals/ Membership / Affiliations:

Professional References:

We at ONACS are proud of our association and its accomplishments and our best references come directly from our students, Certified Practitioners, Instructors and Schools. Through our Practitioner Directory and Our Instructor/ School Directory we make available to you over 300 personal references. Please feel free to contact any of these should you have any questions regarding the integrity of our association and or our programs at large.

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Accreditation and Recognition's for our Program's in Thailand:

The current world wide interest in Thai massage has encouraged the Thai government to implement new laws and regulations to set standards for Thai massage schools. As a result, Thai massage schools must re- evaluate their massage techniques in order to address safety concerns, to improve teaching methods, and to be well informed about how Thai massage affects the way people live in the modern world.

ONACS Inc. (formerly ITTA) in country Affiliates and Partners coordinating and conducting our Thailand programs are established by the authorization from the Thai Ministry of Education Department and with the permission from the governor of Chiang Mai. Our affiliate schools are accredited under the Royal decree of Article 18 of Private School Act B.E.2525 and complied with the new Thai Public Health Department law requiring the professional license of the authorized school owner to hold one of the followings:

1. Medical Doctor License (M.D.)
2. Registered Nurse License (R.N.)
3. Physical Therapist License (P.T.)
4. Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor License (T.T.M.)

The Ministry of Education Department must approve all criteria set by the law as follows:

1. Curriculum being taught by the schools
2. Certified teachers
3. Learning facility meeting the department's guideline to ensure effective learning and safety
4. Number of students allowed per class
5. Hours of operation
6. Documentation and records keeping
7. Fees being charged
8. Diploma and seal format
The schools have been providing high quality Thai Massage education to students from more than 30 countries. The number of students to this date is nearly 1,500 students. A large number of them are returned students to attend higher courses. Many of them learn about us by word of mouth from our previous students all over the world; Chiang Mai at a local cafe', on the bus in Laos or even on a trip in Africa!

ONACS and our professional affiliates will continue to provide high standard and strive to improve the education to all students.

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